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Get a little peace of mind. Equipment Protection guards your device against loss, theft, malfunction or damage. Act fast; you may only sign up for Equipment Protection within fourteen days of new service activation. Deductible per claim is: $110.00. If you ordered two devices, and check for insurance, it will cover both for $11.98 monthly


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Two Year Contract

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Before continuing with this service activation, it is T-Mobile policy to run a credit check on the customer. you hereby authorize T-Mobile, Boundless Communications, and One Touch Direct to obtain information about your credit history by run your credit checking.

Cancellation Policy: If you cancel the service after the 14 days period you will be charged a $200 cancellation fee by T-Mobile and will be billed for all applicable fees, pro-rated access charges, taxes or other accrued charges on your account. You may be charged $250 for any cancelled units before 121 days by OneTouchDirect in addition to the carrier's termination charges. The customer herein provides authorization for the $200 per unit, to be charged to the customer's credit card without need for further approval from the customer. If a credit card is not presented for payment at the time of purchase you may be invoiced directly by OneTouchDirect. Any unpaid balances will be sent to an outside agency for collections. It is for new account or new line with new activation only.

By completing this order (Device, HTC Touch 3G), You hereby authorize OneTouchDirect (Provided service for Deafpagers.com) to charge the credit card account indicated above for the amount of this order.

By completing this order (Accessories), you hereby authorize Boundless Communications (Provided service for Deafpagers.com) to charge the credit card account indicated above for the amount of this order, Also, by completing this order, you are indicating that you have read, understood and agreed to Return Policy of the policy. Please read policy and carefully before completing your order. Lastly, by completing your order, you are indicating that all information given above is correct. Also click the box below that you agree with policy. Click on the button below to complete your order.

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